Image Masking


Many types of product brochures are created using image masking services. The background of a complicated image is typically removed using image masking and a clipping path approach before being placed for advertisement display on an e-commerce website or for photo alteration. Photoshop masking is also helpful for images that are semi-transparent or translucent, such as glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, chiffon, and muslin, or when clipping paths alone are inapplicable.

Online outsourcing services for Photoshop image masking and image outlining are offered by Studio Click House Path. Graphic designers with talent perform Color/Correction Masking Services, which requires many Masking Clipping Paths for the color change, correction, animation, and other utilities, to the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Eliminating gradient transparency from image backgrounds.
  • Cutting away or separating the intended image from its background (in glass).
  • without affecting the translucency, creating transparency.
  • Using or altering a personalized background.
  • Translucent picture background colors are removed.
  • Translucent picture background colors are removed.
  • Translucent picture background colors are removed.
  • For later usage, save the complex silhouette selection with the image.
  • Enabling desired Image's lowering shadows to operate properly with precise edges.
  • 1. Images of humans and models with raised and wavy hair (hair masking),
  • Animals with raising hairs (e.g. Lion) (fur masking),
  • Translucent items such as: smoke, glass, highlights, lightning, etc.Fine-edge Jewelries,
  • Additional natural elements (trees, scenery, flowers, etc.).
The following categories are where Studio Click House provides cut-outs or photoshop image masking services
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Translucent Image Masking
  • Photoshop College Masking
  • Photoshop Transparency Masking
  • Advanced or Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Masking

There is some reason why photo retouching services are being used by photographers those are:

Dust, spot and scratch removal:
A successful photo shoot without any issues is really a rare thing. Most of the time different types of damage like scratches, dents, unwanted objects, etc. are happening. So you just cannot use them after clicking without editing. If you see any kind of dents, scratches, or other damages that make your picture imperfect you can easily fix them by doing photo retouching and making them perfect again. The photo retouching technique helps you to fix the coming issue.
Wrinkles on Clothing:
In product photography one of the most disgusting issues is wrinkles. You will probably try different types of things to remove them like irons or steamed but still, you will find some when you click the photo. But photo retouching services will make your life easy. You can remove those wrinkles by applying photo retouching techniques.
Beauty airbrushing:
In Fashion Photography one of the most commonly used things is beauty airbrushing. Fashion photography models are really important. By using photo retouching services you can do plenty of manipulation on the models. You can smooth the skin, whiten teeth, and change hair and eye color.
Swapping Heads (Body Parts):
For the e-commerce industry swapping heads is a common thing. Sometimes the photo looks imperfect without swapping the head. Many experienced photographers don’t require head swaps as they can get the best out of any photo but for others, photographer head and body swaps are required to make the photo lucrative. By using photo retouching services you can easily swap heads or any body parts among the models.